House Portraiture Commissions

If you are thinking of commissioning a house portrait either for yourself or as a gift, can I just say, you have great taste!

You will hopefully find the following information useful before going ahead, but if you have a question that isn’t covered here then please do contact me and I will be more than happy to help if I can.

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Commissioned paintings are produced in the same order as they come into me, so more often than not this will result in a degree of waiting time. The waiting time can vary depending on how busy I am, but I will always endeavour to give you a rough guide as to when the painting is likely to be started. This is particularly important to be aware of if the painting is intended as a gift. 

Time Scales

Once started, I require a minimum of 6 weeks in which to complete a house Portrait. This time varies depending on the amount of detail involved and/or how many buildings are to be painted. As mentioned above, please bear this in mind if the painting is to be a gift – the more notice I receive the greater the likelihood of completing it in time for you. 

It is never too early to contact me.

Once you have contacted me and wish to proceed with a commission, a £20 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. The remaining balance can be paid upon completion, although I am happy to accept instalments also in the weeks/months leading up to the completion of the painting. This can be discussed at the time of booking.

Full and final payment must be made prior to collection or dispatch of the finished painting

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House Portrait Prices

All paintings are provided unframed and unmounted. For an extra fee, I can arrange professional framing if you require the painting as a ready to hang piece. I always recommend professional framing as it offers far greater protection and the framers certainly know how to get the best from a painting in terms of mount and frame type according to budget.

Generally speaking, the portraits are completed on A4 size paper, which is adequate for most homes/buildings.

A4 size : £130

If more than one building is required, or the building is large, the size and pricing may need to be increased, but this is always discussed before work begins and once photos of the building have been seen.

I also offer a smaller A5 size,

A5 size: £95

What I Need

To achieve the best possible house portrait, I will need:-

  1. Several good quality and in-focus photos of the house or building. Ideally, these should be from several angles, including your preferred angle (please state which one you prefer).
  2. Photos taken on a day with an even light are best – bright sun or wet conditions can alter the appearance of brick colour, which is particularly pertinent for older buildings with interesting brick or stonework. Close-ups of particular details such as ornate woodwork or doors, for example, are also extremely useful.
  3. Ideally, I need to see the foreground also, so if there are any objects obscuring particular points then please try to take photos either with these items removed or with them not included. For instance, a car parked on the drive or in front of the house. 
  4. Obviously, some objects can’t be removed, such as trees or shrubs and can make a nice feature, so let me know if you want them including as they are or trimmed back!
  5. Items can also be added in. Hanging baskets are always a popular request, particularly if the photos have been taken in the winter. Photos of the garden in spring or summer are useful if it is to appear in the painting. I don’t really do animals, but I have added a couple of very small dogs before now.

If possible, photographs should be sent to my email address as an attachment to

For anyone local to me (within a 15 mile radius) who are not comfortable taking photographs, I can make a visit and take the photos myself, free of charge. Anyone requiring me to take the photos, but are beyond the 15 mile radius will receive an additional charge to cover mileage etc.


UK postage and packing is charged at £10 for a first-class, tracked Royal Mail service. Postage for destinations outside of the UK will be charged at £3 (packaging costs) PLUS the postage rate at that time (this will be confirmed before final payment is due).

Local customers (I’m based in Binbrook, Lincolnshire) are welcome to arrange collection from my home address if preferred.