One month anniversary!

Well today sees the one month anniversary since this website launched and the excitement has calmed a little, although the daunting responsibility of managing a website remains of course! I have to admit I am completely out of my comfort zone when it comes to websites, but we live and learn.

If you’ve read my “About” page you’ll know that DBHP has been up and running in its current form since 2018 ( I previously produced house portraits back in the mid nineties but struggled to take it anywhere at that point). From those couple of years after the initial set up, and in 2020 during the lockdowns when I had an abundance of time, I have become more and more immersed back into the world of art. Following similar accounts on Instagram and having people follow me back who have the same interests as me, has made me want to try other media I haven’t given any thought to since I was at college studying art related subjects. I genuinely feel like I have come full circle and once again feel involved in the arty world I walked away from. At this stage in my life, do I now finally have another chance to give a small business in a subject I love another go?  I sure hope so.

For Christmas 2019 and after a few subtle hints, I was given a tin of 24 beautiful Faber Castell polychromo pencils by my partner Mark. They sat on my work table for well over 12 months – I thoroughly enjoyed opening the tin and staring at the lovely colours and seeing how neat they all looked, but couldn’t quite bring myself to try them out, most likely for the fear of failing. But Instagram is full of artists who are producing amazing works of art with coloured pencils and I was inspired and intrigued – should I give it a go? My shed (or studio to give its formal title!) sits at the end of my garden and has unexpectedly doubled up as a bird hide – I am literally surrounded by birds all day every day when I am working in the shed. From the Jackdaw to the Wren, Dunnock to Collared Dove, even the occasional woodpecker visiting the peanut feeder, they all pass by the windows, oblivious to the fact they are being watched. Birds have been another passion of mine since I was young, probably ever since the day my uncle arrived at our house with a huge European Eagle Owl on his arm (it was bigger than me) and I was mesmerised! But more than that, I became hooked on all things birds. So fast forward to sitting in the shed/studio in spring 2021, with a tin of unused (and expensive) polychromos in front of me whilst gazing out of the window at the birds, all of a sudden a connection was made and I had a go at my first bird drawing since I was about 12. The end result didn’t look as bad as I thought, so I tried another, and another………and now I’m a little bit addicted to drawing birds with these great pencils, learning new techniques, making mistakes, finding out which paper is best, daring to have prints made of my favourite drawings. It’s a revelation but it’s also partly thanks to a little more confidence gained after 3 years of commission work for some beautiful homes and buildings.

So my apologies if it has become a little confusing as you may be expecting this entire site to be just about house portraits, but it’s also about the person behind the house portraits, and how those true artistic feelings that were long buried are once again coming to the fore thanks to a box of pencils and life long passions.

Goldfinch in polychromo pencils

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